Company/Service Providers registration guidelines

Find below steps/guidelines outlined for companies/service providers to re-register their companies.

  1. Visit the Public Procurement Bureau Website at
  2. Click on registration portal
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Check your email address for verification code
  5. confirm/verify your email address
  6. Supply your company details
  7. Enter your desired password (keep your password safe, and don’t share it with anybody)
  8. Choose registration category (Grade) that applied to your company
  9. Click continue to login into the portal
  10. Complete your company profile (Supply all the required documents e.g CAC, FIRS TCC, GIRS TCC, Qualified Technical Staff, Financial Capability, Similar Projects executed, Company Profile, Evidence of VAT)
  11. Save and print your acknowledgement slip
  12. Wait for your registration approval from the office of the due process.
  13. Note: after your registration is approved, you will be ask to generate payment invoice from the portal.

Grades and their respective amounts

GradesDescriptionRegistration Fee
AFor Contracts Above 1 BillionN500,000.00
BFor Contracts Between 501 Million and 1 BillionN250,000.00
CFor Contracts Between 101 Million and 499 MillionN200,000.00
DFor Contracts Between 51 Million and 100 MillionN100,000.00
EFor Contracts Between 1 Million and 50 MillionN60,000.00

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