Babayola Mohammed Isa, Director General

Public Procurement Bureau otherwise called Due Process Office was established on January, 2008 through Executive approval. The office kick started around 1st February, 2008.


The establishment of Council on Public Procurement and Gombe State Public Procurement Bureau (Due Process Bureau) was passed into Law by His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Gombe State Alhaji Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya on the 30th December, 2019 titled “GOMBE STATE COUNCIL ON PUBLIC PROCUREMENT AND PUBLIC PROCUREMENT BUREAU LAW”


The Public Procurement Bureau office is headed by Babayola Mohammed Isa as the Director General.


Babayola is a retired Banker, who is an associate of the Institute of Chartered Economists and a fellow of Institute (FCE), Senior Fellow of Chartered Institute of Internal Auditor’s of Nigeria (SCFIIAN).


Babayola Muhammad Isa also was awarded a Honorary Doctorate Degree in Finance (PhD), Marlborough University (USA) in the year 2003 and a receipient of National Merit Award in Financial Management (NMAFM) and Gold Award, Distingushed leardership in National Development.




Our Mission

Our Vision

  • The mission of the Due Process Bureau of Gombe State are:

(a)   To collate, harmonize and update the guidelines on public procurement.

(b)   To ensure the conceived projects are properly monitored in order to achieve the desired goals.

(c)   To ensure that Due Process guidelines are adhered to in the procurement process.

(d)   To monitor and ensure implementation of Due Process Guidelines.

(e)   To promote Transparency, Accountability, Integrity and Value for money in all government procurements.

(f)   To ensure an authentic, reasonable and fair costing in government procurement.

(g)   To serve as a means of Contracts and Projects database.


The Gombe State Due Process Bureau was established with the vision to restore a sustainable, viable and workable practice and procedure in Public Procurement that is anchored on accountability, integrity and competiveness. This is in order to achieve value for the Government projects carried out for the generality of the people of the State.

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